Waterford Rising is the title of Waterford GAA’s 10 year Strategic Plan (2021-2030).  Central to the plan are six pillars which are:

Former Waterford legend Fergal Hartley said “the strategy features two key initiatives – The Well!Kids programme and The Schools of Excellence. The Well!Kids programme will be unique to Waterford and an inception programme of difference and quality for 4 to 8 year old’s geared to reenergising our underage clubs. The Schools of Excellence will place a focus on broadening our base of excellence through the creation of 5 secondary school clusters aligned to our academy squads and clubs.” 

Michael Walsh of the Strategic Review Group said “Waterford GAA is determined to develop Walsh Park to be best of its kind over the coming years on a phased basis and to make it a showcase for Waterford GAA, notwithstanding the difficulties created by the pandemic.

Population growth in the East of the county and pressures from rural depopulation are going to challenge clubs greatly. Waterford GAA must support its clubs to maximise their potential and enhance their adaptability. The intention is to focus support on underperforming clubs relative to population and those most in need of help according to Tony Corcoran of the Strategic Review Group.

According to Timmy O’Keeffe, former Secretary Waterford GAA, The Review Group is clearly of the view that an additional championship is warranted in hurling (at Premier Intermediate Grade or equivalent). A task force is being set up immediately to realise the unique opportunity in scheduling that should be available from 2022 with the split inter-county and club seasons.

Promoting the brand of Waterford GAA in a dramatically changing environment is essential to success. This strategy recognises the fundamental reorganisation needed and the future imperative towards digital communications that will align all the strands of activity.

John Moloney, former Chief Executive of Glanbia said “those counties that are succeeding commercially professionalise their activities and make sure that they align the county brand with the needs of investors and consumers. The Commercial Sub-Committee, with members predominantly drawn from the Commercial sector, is Waterford’s response and I am satisfied that it will, when aligned with other measures in this strategy, facilitate significant additional contribution to the development of our assets and to day to day operations.”